Saturday, January 14, 2012


Today I went shopping with Mom because she wanted new foundation (she hates her MAC one, tbh). She picked out (OK, I did) the Estee Lauer Double Wear, which ended up being the foundation the girl at the counter recommended anyway! Sooo, she applied it to Mommy's face and it looked incredible. Pretty Mommy. <3
While we were there, I saw the most AMAZING palette ever. I know it's $56 but I have to have it!

It's the Yves Saint Laurent 'Ombrés 5 Lumieres' Palette in color #13. And the mint green color is what I've been hunting down for years. :'(
I swatched it and it's perfection. I might just give in and use the rest of my Nordstrom gift card to buy it...

Have you ever wanted a product so bad you just can't stop thinking about it? That's how I feel. I NEED that minty color!

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