Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Those close to me know that I worship Betsey Johnson. I have shoes, handbags, clothing, and the new fragrance from this amazingly gifted designer. Her looks are punky, quirky, and so much fun! I legit want everything she makes. However...this isn't possible because I'm unemployed and blah blah blah so I guess I'll have to be satisfied with a wish list... ;(
This is the Cheetah-licious Top Zip, and it's only $48! It matches my favorite BJ bag, which is a large hobo-style purse with the same pinky-purple cheetah print on it. :)

This is the Tea Party Satchel. It is ADORABLE!! $248.

This is the Multi Flower Statement Necklace. I think this would look so cute with a white v-neck, crisp jeans, and bright red flats! :) How cute is the little skull on the blue flower? This is pretty pricy... $185.

This is the Hippo Face Ring. Soooo cool! I love wearing big, funky rings all the time so this would be a great addition to my collection. :) $55

It's pretty clear that she is a fashion genius. Hopefully I'll find myself a job soon, so I can stock up on cute accessories for spring and summer!!

What is your favorite designer?? :)

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